An Amazing Above Ground Pool, the Way You Want It

Above ground pools are just an excellent investment for your home. Not only do they provide endless summer entertainment and a release from the heat, but, with a little care, maintenance, and upkeep, they add to your property value as well!

At Splash Works Pool & Spa, we have been helping to add value to the local Ontario community for more than 17 years. We handle all the prep and installation work for any above ground pool, and we only use the highest-quality products from the best names in the industry.

We invite you to take some time to read more information about our offers below so you can understand exactly what our company can offer you for above ground setups:

Aluminum Above Ground Pools:

Aluminum pools are designed to better resist the elements. When exposed to air and moisture, the aluminum oxide layer protects against rust and corrosion better, and becomes stronger when it is cold. These types of constructions are ideal for homeowners, because they get all of the benefits with very little maintenance.

Steel Above Ground Pools:

Steel-framed pools are less expensive than their aluminum cousins because they do not have the same level of protection against the elements. They are sturdy, though, and made tough to contains thousands of gallons of water with ease. Modern steel pools even come with a hot-dipped galvanized coating that resists rust better.

For more information about our pool and spa emporium, or to schedule your FREE water testing appointment with us, please call Splash Works Pool & Spa at 519-474-2006.