As we enter the coldest part of the year, our attention has switched from swimming pools to hot tubs. Nothing compares to soaking in a warm and soothing hot tub after a cold day at work. 

At Splashworks Pool & Spa, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners find a hot tub that suits their needs. We understand how important it is for you to take efficient care of your hot tub to increase your unit’s lifespan and overall durability. The following article will discuss some mistakes that hot tub owners make and how to avoid them.

Unclean Filters

The filters in your hot tub play an important role in keeping your system clean and comfortable. Filters are responsible for eradicating harmful contaminants like dirt and debris, and if the filters aren’t cleaned, they’ll struggle to keep your hot tub sanitary. To clean your hot tub filters, fill a bucket large enough to fit your filter so it can be submerged in the water. Afterward, use a garden hose to rinse and remove any noticeable debris. Once the filter is cleaned, the best option is to let your filter dry completely before putting it back into your hot tub. Letting it dry can increase the longevity of your filter. We highly recommend that you clean your filter once every 30 days and that you replace it once every five months, depending on the usage of your hot tub. 

Not Properly Managing Chemicals

When it comes to water chemistry, it is important to ensure your levels are balanced. Balancing your water chemistry is important as without chemicals to sanitize your water, it is likely that bacteria and viruses will grow in the water. Whether you are using chlorine or bromine, it is necessary to maintain good levels of sanitizer as well as focusing on alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness. Having balanced water can also increase the longevity of your hot tubs such as with the plumbing and pillows. When hot tub water is poorly balanced it can also cause skin irritation or scale build up on the shell of your tub. Be sure to drain your spa approximately every 3-4 months to keep your water healthy and ready to use. Call us today to schedule a free spa school to answer any questions you may have!

Not Rinsing Your Swimwear

It’s important for you to wear clean swimwear into your hot tub. Furthermore, we highly recommend that you take a quick shower before entering your tub for a soak. If you enter your hot tub wearing unrinsed swimwear, you risk bubbles forming in your spa. Bubbles occur when the chemicals in your water mix with personal hygiene products like body creams and laundry soap. By rinsing your swimwear, you will remove any excess product and reduce the risk of bubbles forming in your tub. The same principle applies to washing your skin – doing so will remove deodorants and lotions that could lead to water foam.

Now is the time to invest in a brand-new hot tub through Splashworks! Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you find a tub that best suits your needs. For more details and information on available products, visit our website!