When it comes to pool maintenance, it is important to remember that a crystal-clear pool can be achieved through testing your water chemistry. In order to test your water, there are different options depending on what is beneficial for you. This article will touch on the options ranging from having a professional test the water to purchasing test strips.

  1. Professional Test of Water Sample

For some, bringing a water sample to your local pool store is the easiest of possible ways to test your pool. Having a professional complete the test for you will give you a more accurate look into what is going on with your pool’s water chemistry. Whether it be after a heavy rain, after a pool party or just a weekly test, your local professionals can give you the necessary recommendations to move forward and keep your pool crystal clear.

  • Taylor Residential Test Kit

When purchasing this test kit, you will be able to test chlorine & bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity. It is important to test for your sanitizer as this is your pool’s ability to fight against algae, bacteria, disease-causing organisms as well as an oxidizer which fights against waste and other organic material. Your pH is your water’s acidic or alkaline nature. When balancing pH this is the water chemistry that allows for the bather to be more comfortable and the sanitizer to work more efficiently. Alkalinity is your “buffer” for water chemistry, if this goes out of whack it is likely that you will need other chemicals to bring your water chemistry back to normal.

Out of the three at home methods, this 6-way test kit is the most accurate and measures the three important components. With this drop system, it can be difficult if the levels are low because the coloring will be fainter or light. It is important to not forget about calcium levels as this is a preventative toward pitting or scaling of your equipment. Upon completing this at home test, you can call your local professionals with your readings to receive recommendations.

  • Pentair Two Way Test Kit

The Pentair Two Way Test Kit focuses solely on Chlorine and pH. For some, this is what customers tend to put their focus towards. However, in order to properly balance your water, you must focus on alkalinity and calcium as well. This test provides a quick, easy and simple test but in the long run purchasing either the Taylor Residential Test Kit or bringing in a water sample will be more beneficial. Again, upon completing this test you can give professionals a call and receive recommendations.

  • Test Strips

The simplest and user-friendly testing would fall into the category of test strips. The benefit of test strips is there are a wide variety of options to purchase. You can purchase test strips that test components from salt levels, stabilizer (cyanuric acid), cooper, chlorine & bromine, pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness. However, with the test strips they are known to be the least accurate and are known more so as giving a range of levels rather than accurate readings.

Ask your local pool and spa professionals for advice if you need help picking the pool’s right water testing kit. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Splashworks Pool and Spa today!