There’s no better way to unwind after a long, hard day than in the hot tub… but to be honest, having a soak is nice, even on a stress-free day off. Tension relief is of course one of the biggest benefits of owning a hot tub, but that’s just the beginning. If you’ve been thinking about investing in one, this article is exactly what you need to convince yourself; we’re exploring the many ways that hot tubs improve your life.


The soothing combination of hot water and the massaging jets are an effective way to relax sore muscles. If you’ve been hunched over a desk all day or really worked out your legs at the gym, you’ll feel immediate relief from the pain, and will likely recover much quicker. Additionally, studies have shown that soaking in a hot tub before your workout can reduce your risk of injury. 

Pain relief is also offered to those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, stiffness or inflammation. Water helps your body by taking weight and pressure off your joints, making it easier to improve flexibility and range of motion. 


Naturally, being more calm and having relaxed muscles will help you doze off much easier. However, there are other ways a hot tub will help you sleep. Studies have shown that insomnia in older adults is reduced by raising your body temperature before bed. A separate study looked at the effects of hydrotherapy on sleep quality and found that women between 30 and 65 are helped significantly with hydrotherapy, especially those living with chronic pain. 

Soaking in a hot tub seems to melt your cares away; it’s much more enticing to go to bed, far from the worries and stressors of your day. Just imagine what it would be like to lay down in bed and not have to contend with your mind racing for hours and just not shutting off. 


Enjoying time in a hot tub can lower your blood pressure and raise your heart rate. A study on heart health has shown that hot water immersion has hearty effects on your vascular function. The study’s authors suggest that passive heat therapy is especially beneficial to those with limited ability to exercise. This research shows that 10 minutes in a hot tub is all that’s needed to safely treat high blood pressure. 


New studies are showing that regular thermal therapy using saunas and/or hot tubs can improve impaired insulin sensitivity, beneficial for managing diabetes. Researchers are currently hypothesizing that people who are battling both obesity and diabetes are those who benefit the most. 


The one-on-one time with your spouse is a beautiful perk to owning a hot tub. It’s a peaceful way to relax together, reconnect and even spark some romance. On the weekends, kids love spending family time together in the hot tub. Being able to catch up with them is always a joy. If you’re like us and get only one-word responses to the question “how was school”, then you’ll appreciate how much they open up in the hot tub, especially since they can’t be playing on their phones.