Imagine, if you will… your backyard: A gentle snowfall has collected on the tree branches, reflecting the moonlight back up to the sky. It’s a colder evening than we usually get here in London, so you’re excited as you take the cover off your hot tub and watch the steam rise for a moment before stepping in.

Winter is my favourite season for hot-tubbing. Long, dark nights, the tub is the perfect pick-me-up. It’s so peaceful and quiet at night, a romantic time to catch up with your partner. Spending time with the family together in the hot tub on weekend mornings has become a fun ritual, especially when it starts to snow; it always makes the kids and I laugh. 


Cold weather, for many people, means increased joint pain and arthritis. Hot tubs have wonderful healing powers though that provide relief in the winter. The hot water and jets reduce inflammation and ease stiffness.


Winter weather brings the colds, some that seem to drag on and on. Time in the hot tub helps to ease symptoms including achiness, and blocked sinuses. Relaxing in the tub is a lot more fun than sitting hunched over a steamer/humidifier with a towel on your head for 20 minutes. Adding some eucalyptus aromatherapy is a great addition to your hot tub. Spa aromatherapy has become very popular, with a variety to choose from.


Hot tubs aren’t just about your physical aches and pains, they’re good for the soul too. Winter seems naturally quieter, snow blanketing the trees. Taking some “me time” in this environment to defrost and feel good helps relieve the winterblues.  


  • DON’T CHANGE YOUR WATER: Throughout the rest of the year, it’s recommended you change your hot tubwater every 3-4 months. In the winter, it’s best to wait. If the temperature is below -10 the risk of your pipes freezing is much greater than any benefits changing the water will have. 
  • WEAR A TOQUE: Our winters here in London can be pretty mild but you still don’t want a bear head. The toque not only keeps your head warm but also keeps your hair dry.
  • WEAR SANDALS: Slippers work as well, something you can slip in and out of, keeping your feet warm on the way to and from the tub. Plus it stops you from tracking snow/dirt/debris into the water. 
  • KEEP SNOW OUT OF YOUR TUB: It might be hard to imagine, but this does happen… a lot. In the winter, the outside taps are shut off and the hoses put away. This causes people to simply shovel snow in when it needs to be topped up. Unfortunately, the water balance of snow is very different. You’ll end up constantly adding chemicals in an attempt to balance the water, but the number of impurities in the snow can eat at your sanitizer, causing consistently cloudy water.