After a long and cold winter season, it’s finally spring! The sun is staying up later, and the weather is warming up. Sooner than later, we’ll be pulling out our summer attire in preparation for hot days and long summer nights. One question we typically receive around this time each year is when homeowners should open their pool? This is an excellent question, and it requires a lot of planning and preparation to ensure it is done properly and efficiently. Here are a few things to consider when planning a time to open your pool.


The Right Temperature


Around late April and early May, there will be days that are hot enough to warrant opening your pool. You need to keep an eye out for consistent temperature. Be sure to monitor the weekly forecasts; as soon as the days reach a consistent temperature of 21° C, you will know it’s time to open your pool. Whether you have a heated or non-heated pool, it remains the same regarding the right temperature for starting to open your pool. However, depending on the winter cover you use this can cause some variance. Pools with safety covers will benefit from opening the pool around the end of March, early April. Pools with waters bags or a vinyl liner, it is not as important to open it at the first sign of the warm months, for example opening these pools around late April and early may is acceptable.


Why 21°C? Here are a few reasons:

Risk of Algae Breeding


For homeowners with a safety cover, this cover has allowed water to go through the cover since putting it on. Once the sun becomes warmer this has a “baking” effect on your pool which in turn produces more algae. Hotter temperatures allow algae to grow and reproduce in your pool, creating major headaches for homeowners. The later you open a pool with a safety cover, the greener it will be. Pools with water bags or vinyl liner, you do not have the same effect of water seeping through the cover, therefore algae don’t grow as aggressively upon the first sign of warm months.


Unpredictable Weather 


Canadian weather can be unpredictable, however, it’s better to be prepared than underprepared. When temperature levels outside reach a consistent 21°C, set plans to open your pool. What happens often is that homeowners will procrastinate opening their pool, and then when a hot day comes around, they aren’t ready to go for a soak. Opening a pool in hot, humid, summer weather is also not a fun experience, so it’s best to do it when there’s still a slight chill.


Professional Help May Be Limited


We highly recommend that homeowners enlist the services of their local pool specialists to open their pools. Pool specialists have the benefit of experience to ensure the job is done correctly. By using professionals, you can ensure your equipment is set up properly to get your pool summer-ready. When the weather gets hot, many homeowners will reach out to their local pool specialists to help open their pools. For those that procrastinate, pool specialists may have to put you on a waiting list, which would be unfavourable, especially as the weather gets hotter and hotter.


We’re only a couple of months away from the perfect pool season! Opening your pool is a big job and should be done with the utmost caution and consideration. Plan ahead and book your opening today. For more information, contact Splashworks Pool & Spa today!