A Little More About Splash Works

A pool or spa is a big investment. It requires the right installation, maintenance, and products to ensure that it is ready-to-go when you want it to be. Not taking good care of it can lead to really costly repairs that most families just aren’t willing to make.

That’s when you need someone in your corner, with the right experience, to care for your aquatic setup and make things the way they should be season after season. If you live in London, ON, you need the care of Splash Works Pool & Spa!

Since 2000, our family-owned and operated company has been working with local residential and business clients to get their pools and spas in pristine condition and working order. We have all the right pool and spa products, accessories, services, and knowledge to prolong the life of your pool and spa, indefinitely, and we use them every day.

Inground pools, above ground pools, and spas – we handle every type of setup, and offer supplemental resources to match your unique needs! We also work with the best brand names in the business – Viking, Coast Spas, Signature Spas, and others – so that you know you’re getting a great value for your hard-earned dollar!

For more information about our pool and spa emporium please call Splash Works Pool & Spa at 519-474-2006.