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Owning a hot tub can be quite a rewarding experience. The benefits are tremendous! From sitting around catching up with friends and family to having a date with that special someone, hot tubs can bring people together. Nothing beats a relaxing environment surrounded by the people you enjoy most. Hot tubs release stress, ease muscle pain, and bring you to an overall state of Zen.

Splash Works Pool & Spa are proud retailers of quality hot tubs for over 17 years! When visiting our store, you will be pleased with our wide selection of hot tubs, and our experienced staff. We know you will certainly find the perfect spa. With our wide selection, we guarantee it!

Coast Spas


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Coast Spas are the name in quality, aquatic relaxation. They offer tremendous choice in your hot tub installation, and can even customize everything for you according to your needs. From their simple, compact patio spa to their luxury Cascade model with the Infinity Edge and Waterfall, Coast has absolutely everything you need.


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You can customize a Cascade spa to include all the incredible amenities you want – waterfalls, self-cleaning sweeper jets, color-touch screen controls, and more!


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The Wellness Series of hot tubs by Coast Spas® sets the standard of high quality.

Swim Spas


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A luxurious hot tub doesn’t have to be costly! With the NorthWind Series of Hot Tubs you can purchase a great hot tub at an affordable price. Manufactured by Coast Spas, the NorthWind series allows you to have many of the wonderful features of some of their higher end products.


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Sometimes, you just want the simplicity and convenience of a standard hot tub, but you can’t appreciate the price tag.


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The Wellness Series of hot tubs by Coast Spas® sets the standard of high quality.

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