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Owning a new pool or spa can be overwhelming… Where do I even start? Why worry about balancing pool and spa chemicals anyway? Or maybe your pool or spa water has become cloudy, or feels a bit different than usual. It is important to continually maintain the balance of your pool or spa chemicals to optimize your experience!

Pool and Spa chemicals are vital in keeping your pool or spa safe, and ready to use! We carry chemicals such as sanitizers, water balancing and speciality chemicals to make your maintenance as simple as possible. Our experts at Splash Works can recommend the chemicals needed to begin, maintain, and solve any issues that may arise with balancing chemicals. To help specify these recommendations, be sure to bring in a water sample for free testing!

We carry brands such as: Aqua Costal, Natural Chemistry, Sani Marc Summer Smiles, Spa Marvel, Aqua Finesse and C-Pool.