For the Price-savvy Customer Who Won’t Compromise Quality

The NorthWind series come in four shell designs; the Zenith, Vantage, Helios and Freedom. Four moulds that vary in design and can accommodate your family and or lifestyle! Because they are manufactured by Coast Spas you know you can count on it to be a quality product. This series comes with many of the optional available on all Coast Spas. All NorthWind series hot tubs come with the following standard features; Stainless steels swirl jets, digital controls, stainless steel hand controls, 50 square foot pressurized commercial filtration with skimmer, freeze protection, programmable filtration cycles, built-in pillows, ergonomic multi-level seating, large footwells, waterfall feature(s), 3″ safety light, insulated hard cover and much more! If you decide you want a little extra, the NorthWind series line allows for add-ons such as an Ozone system, salt water generator, UV sterilizer system, MP3 dock and speaker system, LED perimeter lighting, full foam, slate cabinets, and even a cover upgrade.

Choosing a tub from the NorthWind series is suited for the price-savvy customer who is not willing to give up on quality. Come in and speak to one of our many experts and see if a NorthWind series hot tub is right for you!