The Perfect Parts for Your Pool or Spa

When you need the best pool parts in the industry come see us at Splash Works Pool & Spa! Our expert techs will take the time to talk to you – one-on-one – and give you the product knowledge and insight you need to get the parts that work.

Our inventory includes:

Solar Blankets:

If you want an easy way to raise the temperature of your pool or spa, grab a solar blanket for your home! Solar blankets retain the heat that already resides in the water, and can prevent and heat loss over time. Don’t expect a dramatic rise in the water temperature, though, as solar blankets only raise it by a certain degree.


Need a new solar blanket? We stock many different sizes and qualities. Check out our winter cover selection. Safety Covers for the winter are our specialty. Contact us for your custom ordered spa covers. We stock many sizes and colours of Coast Spa covers.


From thickness to unique designs and colors, lining the bottom of your pool with Splash Works Pools & Spas gives you an amazing look and outstanding quality.

For more information about our pool and spa emporium, or to schedule your FREE water testing appointment with us, please call Splash Works Pool & Spa at 519-474-2006.