The seasons are changing and it’s hard to believe another Canadian winter has come and gone. While it may not seem to be a good time to schedule your pool opening, it is in fact the perfect opportunity to get things organized to ensure your pool is up and running come summertime. After a long, cold and unpredictable winter, we highly recommend having it opened by a professional for the following reasons:


Pool Cover Complications


After the winter, your pool cover may look worn down and emanate a terrible odour. There is likely a large amount of debris on top of your cover and with it being both large and difficult to manage it is important to leave the cover removal to the professionals. Our service experts will ensure the cover is removed safely and quickly. We believe it is important to use the correct tools that will remove the stagnant water, dirt and debris from your cover. Lastly, we will properly store your cover for next fall’s closing.


Equipment and System Maintenance


After your pool has remained inactive for months, it is important to ensure your equipment is plumbed and hooked up properly. The experts will replace necessary components such as the eyeballs or drain caps as they would have been removed in time of closing. After reinstalling the pump, the experts will briefly test the pump to ensure it will run after proper pool water level has been reached. For those customers with a safety cover, the water will be at the correct level to run the pool properly when they leave. For other forms of covers, after the experts have left it is imperative to add water to your pool. The water level should sit around the middle of the skimmer before running the pool to allow the water to properly flow through the equipment. If problems such as the pump not running properly are missed due to opening the pool without the use of professionals, this can worsen into more serious issues. Therefore, when the experts run the equipment, they have the experience to note any concerns that must be addressed to get the pool ready for the summer months. With years of experience, this gives the experts the ability to make note of possible equipment changes that can be beneficial to the efficiency of your pool. Whether it be equipment such as a filter or pump that needs replaced or an aged liner, our experts will inform you, so you are not left in the dark.


Water Chemistry


Lastly, before our service experts leave your home an algaecide, stain and scale preventative and chlorine will be added as the starter chemicals. After your pool has been running approximately 24 hours, it is beneficial to have the water tested by the in-store professionals to maintain proper water chemistry and have you swimming in no time!


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