In the coming weeks, homeowners will start to open their pools. Whether you’ve just purchased your first pool, or you’ve been a pool owner for decades, investing in the right tools and equipment for your pool will allow you to maximize those summer months. Above ground pools and inground pools require essential supplies to ensure they operate properly, safely and cost-effectively.

Listed below are examples of essential supplies that will help you manage your pool.


Water Testing Kits

The water quality of your pool plays a major role in whether or not it’s enjoyable to use your pool this summer. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to test your water at least once a week. For some it is beneficial to have water tested by professionals. However, investing in water testing kits will give you an estimate of the chemical balance in your pool. Allowing you to determine if you need to add more chemicals to reach the proper balance in your pool.



The most important chemical you need for your pool is a form of sanitizer. Whether that be chlorine or bromine, your sanitizer is the difference between a green or crystal-clear pool. If you have a salt generator, once it is up and running it will generate your chlorine for you. However, liquid chlorine is the first product you should be putting in your pool at the beginning of the season. If you do not have a saltwater pool, you should be shocking your pool approximately 7 days or after heavy usage such as a pool party. Other helpful preventative chemicals are an algaecide and a pool protect all. It is important to use an algaecide as this works with your chlorine to prevent algae blooms. You can purchase difference algaecides, one being a preventative and others to use if an algae issues arises. Using a Pool Protect All or stain and scale preventative will help with the longevity of your equipment and help in the instance that the pool chemicals were to drastically fall or rise out of range or “out of suspension”.


Brush, Skimmer Net, Vacuum

Debris and small particles are inevitable when it comes to pools. It is extremely common to have this debris in your pool that are unreachable with a skimmer net. This is where a hand-held vacuum or automatic pool cleaner comes in handy. With this necessary accessory it will make your life easier and give you more time to enjoy your pool. When it comes to dealing with algae, your vacuum will come in handy with tackling the algae build-up. It is also important to stir up the algae, which is where a brush can come in handy. In the instance of an algae build up a brush will help to brush down the sides and cause the algae to be stirred up in the pool before adding chlorine. You can use liquid chlorine or super chlorine in a salt pool to kill off an algae bloom.

Note: If your pool liner is vinyl, be sure to invest in a pool brush with nylon bristles. While algae brushes made from stainless steel are effective, if used on a vinyl liner, they could severely damage the pool.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about opening your pool and knowing which supplies to invest in, contact Splashworks Pool & Spa today!