As a pool owner, it’s important to practice safe chemical storing and handling methods to ensure you and your family are kept safe. 

When it comes to your pool sanitizers, chlorine is one of the most popular and can be the easiest to use if used properly. Chlorine needs to be applied with the utmost care to ensure that it does not cause you, your family or your guest’s physical harm. Here are some tips to help you safely store and apply chlorine in your pool.

Adding Chlorine to Your Pool

It is important to be mindful that there can be fumes when opening up your chlorine containers as well as when you pour the chlorine into your pool. Make sure that you don’t inhale the fumes or touch the chlorine with your bare skin. Chlorine is an unstable chemical, which means that it can create dangerous reactions if mistreated, therefore, do not mix any other chemicals with the chlorine.

Storing Chlorine and Other Pool Chemicals

For your family and guests’ safety, ensure that you store your chlorine and other pool chemicals in a safe and controlled location. Make sure that your pool chemicals are kept in a place that cannot be accessed by your children or family pets such as a shed. Furthermore, do not store pool chemicals in the same location as other hazardous chemicals (i.e. gasoline, aerosol cans, etc.)

Another important thing to remember when storing chlorine is to follow the manufacturer instructions, which can typically be found on the container. Additionally, it is important to avoid transferring chlorine from one container to the other as it is more prone to spills or accidental skin exposure.

Wait Before Swimming

You must remain patient when applying chlorine to your pool. When adding chlorine, give it time to do its job and allow for it to become diluted. Jumping into a pool that was just treated with chlorine could result in several health concerns. 

Chlorine has been known to cause eye and skin irritation. Furthermore, exposure to high levels of chlorine can cause respiratory problems, especially for asthma patients. Exposing your hair to high levels of chlorine can also result in hair loss or hair discolouration. There is still so much time for you to enjoy your pool this summer – but safety always comes first. Properly storing and applying chlorine in your pool will ensure you stay safe and refreshed. For more information on how to store and apply chlorine, contact Splashworks Pool and Spa today!