It’s officially September, and while it may signify sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes for some people, for pool owners, it means the end of summer. Now is the time to enjoy a few more nice days before closing your pool for the winter!

Homeowners frequently ask us for tips & advice on how to close their pool efficiently. At Splashworks Pool & Spa, we want you to be well informed when it comes to shutting your pool down for the year.

Balance Your Pool

As you begin to decide when to close your pool it is important to bring in that final water sample. Bringing in the last water sample will ensure that your chemicals are balanced, and your pool is ready to begin the closing process. You may be wondering why it is important to balance your water chemistry. This is a necessary step as it will make opening your pool in the spring that much easier. Also, it is important to balance your water chemistry pre closing so when you drop the water levels and then top of with fresh water in the spring your chemicals do not go out of whack. Doing this step may help being able to get that crystal-clear pool shortly after opening it back up again.

Are There Trees Surrounding Your Pool?

If large trees are surrounding your pool, it would be wise to close your pool before the leaves begin to drop. If your pool remains open as the leaves begin to fall, you might have a difficult time skimming them and removing them from your pool and your pool filter. Ensure that you remove any leaves in your pool before you close it for the winter – leaves can stain your walls and liner of your pool, effectively tarnishing its appearance.

How Often Is It Being Used?

Families with little children tend to close their pools later than other families, and that’s because little kids love to swim regardless of the colder temperatures. If you or your little ones are still using the pool in September and October, then it might be worthwhile to leave it open for a few more months. However, if nobody is swimming in your pool, and you’re still spending money on chlorine, cleaning products and electricity, now is the time to consider closing your pool.

It’s essential that you close your pool the right way before the winter. We highly recommend enlisting the services of your local pool company to close your pool this year; experience and training are key to an effective close! If you have any more questions or concerns about shutting down your pool for the year, call the professionals at Splashworks Pool and Spa for more information!